Zadro 10x Magnification Dimmable Makeup Wall Mirror
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Zadro 10x Magnification Dimmable Makeup Wall Mirror

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This is a very POWERFUL 10x magnification mirror which allows you to see very close up. Flips to regular mirror on opposite side. Great for contacts, makeup and shaving! The surround light illumination sets it far apart from any other magnification mirror. The dimmable surround light illuminates your face at any angle. It is the thinnest dual-sided lighted wall-mount mirror on the market!


  • Optical quality lens
  • Glare-free, distortion free, shadow-free glass mirror
  • Wall mount dimmable surround light which emulates natural sunlight
  • Adjustable light settings up to 110 watts
  • 10x/1x magnification - double sided mirror which swivels 360 degrees   
  • Satin nickel finish; elegant design
  • Height adjustable lens for easy use
  • Built-in power outlet to accomodate another AC product
  • Replaceable 10,000 hour circular fluorescent bulb
  • 100-watt output that uses only 22 watts of energy.